A mysterious murder took place in the Buda Castle District. As soon as you get to the crime scene and start the investigation, another murder is reported in the neighbourhood. 

You don’t know yet what happened, is it just a coincidence, or is it possible that you have to investigate a serial killer? Follow the clues and solve the mystery before it is too late.

You’ll collect the clues and will perform tasks at eight different locations in the old Buda Castle district.

The detective booklet includes a map and all the clues you need, you investigate on your own, at any time that suits you.

A 1,5 – 2-hour investigation in the the Buda Castle district of Budapest, a total walk of 1,5-2 km.

Difficulty: 5/4

Price: 7.500 HUF

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* The 1-2-3 MURDERS mission is the intellectual property of BUDAPESTI HELYSZÍNELŐK. The story and all characters in it are fictional, any similarity to reality is just a coincidence.